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We offer real results for our financial servicesIndependent Insurance Agencies, Accountants & CPAs, Bankruptcy Services, Benefits Advisors, Bookkeepers, CFPs & Investment Advisors, Community Banks, Credit Unions, Home and Building Inspections, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Real Estate Appraisers, Tax Consultants, etc. clients and have generated more than $500,000,000 in new opportunities…

It's Easy to Move to SiteforLess Managed WordPress

We Include Assisted WordPress Migration With All Our Plans
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How to Achieve Awesomeness With WordPress:

SiteforLess Addresses These Six Key Elements...
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Be Seen

Your WordPress website should serve as the hub of all online marketing efforts. At SiteforLess we offer complete managed WordPress services to address website and blog needs for those in financial services. We handle all the system maintenance & security details for you. And we strive to deliver unprecedented hosting speed and value with our optimized solution. Our clients can manage their content or have SiteforLess experts manage it for them. Our clients are happy to know their sites are protected, up to date, and delivering their message faster than their competitors.

cloud computing and storage - Managed WordPress Hosting for Financial Services

Be Protected

What good is it to have a great website if it ends up hacked? SiteforLess includes key protections for all its services designed to help keep you safe from Internet-based threats. If you’re in financial services,  this is critical. As your partner, we intimately understand your security and compliance needs. From your website through to your Email we have you covered. Our data centers are compliant with the latest security standards. Then we add in all sorts of extra innovative security tech and monitoring to ensure your online presence is as secure as humanly possible. We have a long tradition of offering innovative security as a standard feature. It’s a big benefit of working with SiteforLess.

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Be Approachable

Social Media is an extension of your website and helps you connect with potential clients. At SiteforLess we recognize how important Social is. It builds your brand’s value and increases Google and Bing’s perception of your company. So we’ve integrated services to help build your social footprint with ease. Our version of WordPress includes easy paths to allow website visitors to share your content with their social networks… all in a way that maintains compliance. And we offer optional detailed reporting so you can keep track of what you are writing and how it is performing in the social platforms.
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Be Compelling


Email marketing supports a website and helps drive traffic to it. SiteforLess includes easy Email marketing services. With list management and thorough tracking, all the basics of target marketing are covered. We also include automatic recurring Email campaigns and Basic Email automation. It’s plenty of power to address the core Email newsletter marketing needs of virtually all firms involved in and around financial services.

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Be Engaging


Online tools work together to build interest and aid in converting visitors to clients/donors. Building your online marketing presence to be in conversation with clients and prospects is critical. At SiteforLess we have integrated a number of systems into WordPress to create and enhance engagement. Secure and complaint forms with conditional logic branching can help convert visitors. Surveys and polls are available too. Secure Live Chat with 7-year archiving aids with compliance. Plus with Full Service, simply let our marketing team know what you want to create and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you. If you run a financial services company, our tools will help you engage with your market in significant ways.

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Be Found


A digital marketing strategy is made more potent through the thoughtful pursuit of search engines. SiteforLess incorporates powerful automatic SEO tools into our implementation of WordPress. These allow our clients to maximize on-page search optimization opportunities out of the gate. These amazing systems help clients target content to be more visible within the search engines. The systems we make available to clients ensure that critical on-page SEO factors are handled properly. And, with our optional SEO plan, we can complete this work for you…! If you are busy running your financial services company… we can take care of the heavy lifting for you!

Secure, Compliant, & Capable Managed WordPress Hosting

Backed by Experts Who Care About Your Success...

If you’re involved in financial services, Independent Insurance Agencies, Accountants & CPAs, Bankruptcy Services, Benefits Advisors, Bookkeepers, CFPs & Investment Advisors, Community Banks, Credit Unions, Home and Building Inspections, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Real Estate Appraisers, Tax Consultants, etc. there’s a universe of prospects seeking what you offer… Your website is often the first thing people will see about you. Of course, you need more than a website to get ahead. After all, keeping pace with online marketing is challenging… you need a trusted partner… and SiteforLess is THAT partner. With over 17 years of helping those in financial services, we understand your situation and requirements better than most. We have what you need to succeed.

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The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Available in 2018:


Custom Design; Lifetime Guarantee


Professional Marketers


Performance Optimized & Fast


Better Than Bank Grade Security


Powerful Reporting & SEO


Convenient, Accountable Support

We’ll Help Your Brand Master WordPress

Managed WordPress Hosting With a Difference
WordPress runs about 25% of the Internet. It’s the best platform to choose for managing a website. We make WordPress secure, compliant, and ultra-fast. And we make getting a fully custom design for your WordPress-based site about as easy as can be. For your business managed WordPress by SiteforLess is an awesome choice. We’ll make your brand and mission stand out to your local market. We’ll make it easy for you to make changes to your site on-the-fly with our visual editor. And we’ll take care of all the scary stuff for you like uptime, page load speed optimization, and security to keep your site humming along while you concentrate on building your agency, practice, brokerage, firm, bank, dojo, non-profit, etc.

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Custom WordPress Design With Lifetime Guarantee

SiteforLess offers the best value in WordPress design for financial services. Plus we back them with a unique Lifetime Guarantee. We’ll listen closely to your goals and aspirations. We’ll help you write the content. Then we’ll build a beautiful design that embodies your brand’s strengths and core values. We’ll build the perfect website designed to help you attract more visitors and greater conversion.

And with our Lifetime Guarantee, we’ll keep your WordPress website up-to-date and fresh looking by leveraging your available Assisted Support time. 

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 Zero Cookie-Cutter Websites Here

Each design we create is guaranteed to be uniquely yours. Each design we create is tailored to your brand and your local market as much as possible. With all of the options for fonts, colors, and layouts, our team will make your online presence look truly great. In fact, your website will likely be the envy of your competitors.

Topic-Rich Content Included

Ever seen a deer caught in headlights? That’s what most company owners/managers feel like when they have to sit in front of a blank screen and create fresh, unique, engaging content for their website. With SiteforLess, we include content writing as a part of our service and our writing is designed to capture the essence of what makes you unique.

Conversion Optimized

The content we create is designed to help you properly target Google so that you can begin to lay a foundation for search engine domination. And once visitors land on your site, the content is designed to move them to take action… to call, complete a form, or perhaps schedule an appointment.

Helping Hands For WordPress When You Need Them

While Cheap WordPress Hosting Will Leave You Out in The Cold... We've Got Your Back!
We start with loads of training resources to help you get the most out of WordPress. And we recognize you and your staff may be pressed for time. That’s where SiteforLess Assisted Support comes in handy. You can leverage our team to take care of the work for you. Need to add or optimize some content? Need to place a graphic or video? Want to send out an Email Newsletter? Our trained professionals will handle it for you.

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Professional Marketers

With SiteforLess you get more than basic managed WordPress hosting.

Sure, we know WordPress inside and out. You expect that. And you get a skillful team to help manage your entire environment for you. From adding content to your WordPress site and optionally handling essential SEO to configuring and sending an E-mail campaign, SiteforLess experts have you covered. This is professional grade, managed, easy WordPress hosting at its best!

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Easy and Straightforward

Worried about dealing with complex WordPress installations, servers, or working with a myriad of service providers. As a single-source online marketing and sales solutions provider, SiteforLess handles the complexity so you can concentrate on your message and expanding your sales.

Leverage Time As You Need It

All of the core system maintenance performed on your managed WordPress site is included. Your Assisted Support time is separate and for making updates & changes as you direct. You are in FULL CONTROL over how your time is invested each month.

Optional Hands-On Search Engine Optimization

Most folks will give you an SEO report and expect you to implement the changes it calls for. And while that’s OK for some, we take it a step farther. With this option, if you have unused Assisted Support time at the end of the month, we’ll apply that time to handle elements we find with our LiftDemand Website Audit system. (A feature of our LiftDemand service that we give to SiteforLess clients who engage with this option.)

Google is Driving The Need for Speed

Typical Shared Hosting Plans Drag on Performance. Our Cloud is Structured to be FAST.
Google has made website speed an important factor in determining how a site ranks within organic results. All things being equal, faster sites will outperform slower ones in search. SiteforLess managed WordPress sites always report as some of the fastest on the Internet according to Pingdom.

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Performance Optimized & Fast

At SiteforLess we make premium speed affordable.

We’ll admit we’re geeks obsessed with speed. At SiteforLess we’ve engineered our entire managed WordPress infrastructure to be fast. We run anycast DNS right on the backbone of the Internet. Our CDN delivers content closest to the site visitor. Our cloud runs on some of the fastest SSD drives available to maximize performance and reliability. We also leverage highly tuned systems to further enhance speed.

Our client sites consistently get A’s on and score as 80% to 90% faster than all other tested sites on

Competition In Business - Managed WordPress Hosting for Financial Services

Engineered For Speed

Our super fast SSD hosting and server architecture cuts server load in half and improves Time to First Byte (TTFB) by 300%. (SiteforLess offers one of the best SSD hosting experiences available.) We also leverage HTTP/2 which offers faster page load speeds, especially for encrypted HTTPS sites. Our SiteforLess WatchDog™ security plays an important role as well by eliminating unwanted traffic. This is truly the best web hosting for WordPress sites rolled into one complete service.

Tuned for WordPress

Want the best hosting for WordPress? SiteforLess is it! We store static copies of dynamically-generated pages that are automatically updated without relying on visitors to populate the cache. That’s hugely different from how other systems cache content. Our minification removes unnecessary whitespace characters. We also rely on smart browser cache support to enhance user speed. And our HTTP/2 push technology anticipates the browser’s needs without waiting for a separate request. Of course, full real-time image optimization is also included.

Railgun Optimizer

We include Cloudflare Railgun in ALL our plans. This technology compresses web objects by more than 99% to help boost performance by about 200% on average. Cloudflare charges individual companies $200/mo to gain access to this technology. With our unique partnership, we’re able to offer Railgun Optimizer to our clients at $0.

Learn more about Cloudflare Railgun here.

Managed WordPress Hosting Made Super Secure

With SiteforLess WatchDog™ 7-layer Security

Most WordPress developers will throw up a site on a 3rd party host and call their work complete. Some might bother to add in a WordPress security plugin. In today’s environment, you need much more security to protect your brand and good name from the hacking dangers that abound. And if you handle sensitive client information such as in Financial Services, the law requires you to protect that data. The good news is that SiteforLess is built from the ground up to address all security challenges – past, present, and future.

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Better Than Bank Grade Security

All data is sensitive, especially if you’re in financial services. We started helping clients in financial services including banking and insurance. As a result, SiteforLess has to take security seriously and extraordinary measures to protect data. SiteforLess maintains strong measures, inspired by the Department of Defense, to offer security that’s as unbreakable as possible. Our proprietary SiteforLess WatchDog™ 7-layer security system is designed to protect our client’s sites and brands from all malicious threats. We make secure WordPress easy and affordable for ALL our clients, automatically, and at zero extra cost.

Internet security - Managed WordPress Hosting for Financial Services

Encryption & SSL

SiteforLess starts with bank-grade encryption so that data is protected as it is accessed. This includes E-mail hosting, E-mail marketing, Live Chat, and Secure Forms. In addition, all data is encrypted in real-time at the field level within the database.

And ALL clients that let us manage their DNS get SSL for $0

Dependable and Reliable

SiteforLess takes care of the configurations, maintenance, updates, security, backups, and all else related to all of the integrated WordPress marketing and sales tools we provide. And our data centers are monitored and staffed 24/7 to keep all of our technologies up and running smoothly.

US Based Data Centers

All of our data centers are located here in the U.S. as the United States offers the best total infrastructure (cost, security, government stability) to support any marketing effort around the globe.

Learn more about the SiteforLess Cloud and its security here.

Security Certifications & Standards

Each of our data centers complies with important security standards that include SSAE 16, SOC1, and SOC2. Our secure partner data center facilities are independently audited to ensure they have the controls, processes, and physical security features to ensure compliance with critical regulations including HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, PCI-DSS v3.2, and ITAR. Backed by policies and procedures that are based on NIST 800 standards, our partners deliver security solutions designed to meet rigorous security requirements.

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Optional Core On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Affordable & Handled by Professionals...
At SiteforLess, basic search engine optimization involves more than sending you monthly reports. It’s about leveraging your included Assisted Support time wisely so that we help your website have the greatest impact possible without your having to lift a finger! With this affordable option, clients gain access to our potent LiftDemand Website Audit System. Each month we’ll leverage your available Assisted Support time to take care of the Errors, Warnings, and Notices we find. This audit system addresses more than 50 core elements across your site!

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Powerful Reporting

Reporting is critical to best understand the effectiveness of your website marketing efforts and to see progress over time.  SiteforLess reports measure all of the little details and inform future course corrections. That’s why all of SiteforLess’ platforms incorporate reporting to help measure key aspects of the digital marketing efforts.

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Web Site and SEO

Monitor how well your site is performing. Your digital marketing team can link your site to your own Google Analytics account for the best reporting possible. You can also use our included LiftDemand Website Audit tool to understand how well optimized each page is within your site. We also include reporting on social penetration as well.

Email Marketing

Use powerful reports to understand your E-mail campaigns and make decisions on how to tweak your message to drive even better results. You’ll have reports on E-mail opens, link clicks, spam complaints, unsubscriptions, and more.  And insights collected can help shape and hone all of your online marketing and sales efforts.

Live Chat

See how responsive your team is to inquiries. Learn from past conversations to help deliver better sales and support materials for future conversations. Optional: Get real-time information on how your web site visitors are finding you. Understand where your visitors are really coming from and where they are located.

Whatever You Do, Make Your Business Grow Faster

With Better Managed WordPress

Enjoy a faster, better-supported website that incorporates powerful tools and security. A SiteforLess powered WordPress website has all the tools you need. From Secure Forms and Live Chat to Email Marketing and optional integrated by-hand basic SEO; We have you covered! And our Pros are always ready to offer you a helping hand to get work done as you need it.


We love helping those involved in financial services grow their firms. From smaller offices to multi-location firms, we’re here to make you shine! We proudly work with:


  • Independent Insurance Agencies,
  • Accountants & CPAs,
  • Bankruptcy Services,
  • Benefits Advisors,
  • Bookkeepers,
  • CFPs & Investment Advisors,
  • Community Banks,
  • Credit Unions,
  • Home and Building Inspections,
  • Mortgage Brokers,
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers,
  • Real Estate Appraisers,
  • Tax Consultants,
  • More! 
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Convenient, Accountable Support

Whether you prefer phone, E-mail, interactive support requests, or Live Chat, there’s always an easy and convenient way to connect with your WordPress and online marketing team here at SiteforLess. We understand you are busy running your business; that’s why we’re here to help. You can rely on each SiteforLess team member to be an expert guide to your success.

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Call Scheduling

The “old” way of getting phone support is gone. Why wait on hold? Why play phone tag when it isn’t necessary? Simply click on your private link to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you and the SiteforLess team will call you when requested.

E-mail And Interactive Support Requests

Have some content to be added to your WordPress site? Need to add an E-mail account or schedule an E-mail campaign? Send an E-mail or submit a support request and the SiteforLess team will get right to work. We handle the details. Remember: this is managed WordPress & website marketing made easy.

Proactive Phone Follow-up

The SiteforLess support team proactively reaches out by phone with support status updates. This extra level of customer support is one reason SiteforLess clients are so loyal. More than half our clients have been with us for more than seven years!

A Word on Accountability

Because SiteforLess takes a team approach to managing your accounts, our entire staff see and can interact with all support requests. While you’ll typically work with the same team members on a regular basis, we manage support through a central system to make sure requests are always handled appropriately. We also actively track response time as we are always striving for timely, accurate support.

WordPress Made Secure, Quick, Capable, & Affordable!™

It's Time For a Better WordPress Experience...
SiteforLess is the absolute value leader in Managed WordPress. We are proud of our heritage of managing websites for more than 16 years and our expertise is unparalleled.

We make WordPress easy… Discover how much we can help you…

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Vip - Managed WordPress Hosting for Financial Services

You’re Why We Created SiteforLess Managed WordPress

Here at SiteforLess, we offer an aggressively priced, comprehensive, expert-backed managed WordPress solution designed expressly for financial services. We include the help you need when you need it from professionals that truly care about your success. With 17 years since our founding, we’ve gathered the insights & expertise to make us one of the best hosting sites for WordPress available today.

Our enduring goal is to help you build a fantastic website with WordPress that offer more than a passive representation of your enterprise/non-profit. The cheapest WordPress hosting is often basic at best. At worst, it is dangerous to your brand with a lack of speed or security. And you pay a price for that low cost in other ways. You are left to fend for yourself when it comes to maintenance, security, plugins, and the like.

WordPress maintenance companies try to bridge this gap. But, they can be expensive. They also completely miss the mark when it comes to helping you build your website into a strong marketing presence. SiteforLess helps you avoid these challenges while achieving greater success.

Actively Maintained

Your website must be actively maintained and cared for but who has the time? We get it! That’s why we’ve created SiteforLess with options that you can tailor to fit your unique needs.

Awesome Hosting Experts

Our team of WordPress Pros work together to give you the support you need. We also offer you the personal attention so often forgotten in a world of Email only customer support.

A Part of Your Team

At SiteforLess, we’re on your team. We are your hands. We’ll help you bring your unique voice to the online world while making it as easy for you as possible.

Want Free WordPress Hosting?

Yes, The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Can be Free...

When you pair SiteforLess with our LiftDemand local marketing you’ll get SiteforLess managed WordPress hosting at zero cost! LiftDemand helps fitness services, health services, auto dealers/auto repair services, and financial services dramatically surpass their local competition. Meanwhile, SiteforLess powers greater website success. Combining both makes you unstoppable! From Insurance to Accounting, Dental to Assisted Living, Personal Training to Gyms, etc., we offer an affordable & complete digital marketing solution that generates results.

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